Draw Snowy Owl 10

Step 10: Draw the top part of the snowy owl's folded wing inside the body as a series of curved lines. Use a series of short J-shaped lines along the pottom part of the body to represent the wing's feathers. These J-shaped lines should get longer and straighter the closer they get to the top. Add a curved line on the right side of the body for the folded wing that's on the other side.


Draw Snowy Owl 11

Step 11: Draw the bottom part of the snowy owl's folded wing using more curved lines under the first part of the wing. These lines should be longer and spaced closer together than the lines above them. Add another row of long feathers below. Notice that the whole wing shape becomes narrower closer to the bottom.

Draw Snowy Owl 12

Step 12: Use the initial lines and shapes as guides to draw the snowy owl's body. Follow the basic path of the guides as you darken the lines to create the shape of the body.


Draw Snowy Owl 13

Step 13: Use the short lines under the body as guides to draw the snowy owl's feet. Use quick, short strokes to draw the outline of the feet for the fluffy feathers. At the end of each guide line, draw a pointy triangle-like shape for the sharp talons.

Draw Snowy Owl 14

Step 14: Draw the visible portion of the snowy owl's foot and talons on the other side of the body the same way.

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