Draw Ladybug 5

Step 5: Draw the eye inside the head, near the bottom. The shape of the eye is similar to an egg.


Draw Ladybug 6

Step 6: Draw the antennae on the right side of the head. The ladybug's antennae are basically two thin, wavy shapes coming out of the right side of the head.


Draw Ladybug 7

Step 7: Draw the ladybug's mandibles on the head, under the antennae. The mandibles are curved and are made up of smaller segments. Part of the mandible at the top should be behind the antenna.


Draw Ladybug 8

Step 8: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw the rest of the ladybug's head. Make the shape of the head thinner and add a curved line at the bottom for the rest of the mouthpart.


Draw Ladybug 9

Step 9: Use the lines to the left of the head as guides to draw the top part of the body called the pronotum. Sketch lightly at first to get the shape of the protonum right. It should fit within the initial lines and curve around the head. The shape should curve up as it gets closer to the circle on the left.

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