Draw Indominus Rex Dinosaur 10

Step 10: Use the top arc as a guide to draw the upper jaw. Follow the path of the arc and add a few bumps at the top and a slit at the front for the Indominus rex's nostril. Darken the line between the teeth. This line should stretch far to the right toward the back of the head.


Draw Indominus Rex Dinosaur 11

Step 11: Draw the lower jaw by using the arc at the bottom as a guide. Follow the basic path of the arc as you darken the lines and add the lines between the teeth.


Draw Indominus Rex Dinosaur 12

Step 12: Draw the skin that attaches the top and bottom jaw as a series of lines. Draw the tongue as a curved line between the open mouth.


Draw Indominus Rex Dinosaur 13

Step 13: Draw the rest of the head using the initial shapes as guides. Follow the basic path of the guides as you draw the horn-like bumps on the Indominus rex's head. Add an oval-like shape in front and behind the eye for the indentations of the skull. Add a few small curved lines within the head for the bumpy skin texture. Add the spikes on the head as curved lines that come to a point.


Draw Indominus Rex Dinosaur 14

Step 14: Use the line on the left side as a guide to draw the arm that's on this side of the body. Light sketch the shape of the arm as you follow the basic path of the guide line. Darken the lines when you get the structure of the Indominus rex's arm right. Use the small lines as guides to draw the digits and sharp claws. Add a few curved lines on the bottom edge of the arm for the spikes found there.

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