Draw Wasp Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.


Draw Wasp 11

Step 11: Draw the eye inside the wasp's head by first lightly sketching a long, thin oval. Darken the oval when you get the shape just right but leave a small curved indentation on the upper left side.


Draw Wasp 12

Step 12: Draw the wasp's antennae on top of the head on the left side. First lightly sketch the shape of the antennae to get the structure right. Wasps have thick antennae compared to other insects. Darken the shape of the antennae once you get the structure right. The antennae are composed of different segments, so add a few divisions within the shapes.


Draw Wasp 13

Step 13: Draw the mandible part of the mouthpart on the bottom where the initial arc is. The mandibles are thick at the top and pointy at the bottom. They have a serrated edge in the middle. Pause the video to get the shape right.


Draw Wasp 14

Step 14: Use the remaining shapes as guides to draw the rest of the wasp's head. Add a few lines within the shape of the head as an indication of the separation of color.

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