Draw Orangutan Ape 10

Step 10: Draw the mouth under the nose and inside the small initial circle. Draw the left side of the mouth by following the curvature of the small circle. Then add the orangutan's mouth and the lower lip close to the bottom edge.


Draw Orangutan Ape 11

Step 11: Draw the beard-like hair around the lips using quick, short strokes. Don't draw every individual hair strand. Instead draw the basic shape of the beard as a large clump around the mouth. The orangutan's beard should be long and extend below the bottom edge of the main circle.


Draw Orangutan Ape 12

Step 12: Use a main circle as a guide to draw the hair line and face. The hairline should be above the eyes and should curve down to the right. Use quick, short strokes to draw it. Use curved lines as you follow the path of the circle to create the cheek flaps that male orangutans have. You can make these cheek flaps as wide or as narrow as you'd like.


Draw Orangutan Ape 13

Step 13: Use the rest of the initial circle as a guide to draw the outside portion of the head. Follow the basic path of the initial circle as you use quick, short strokes to create the outside of the orangutan's head.


Draw Orangutan Ape 14

Step 14: Use the line on the right side as a guide to draw the orangutan's right arm. Lightly stretch the shape of the thick arm as you follow the basic path of the line. When you get the structure of the arm right, darken the lines using quick short strokes.

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