Draw Hermit Crab 10

Step 10: Draw the third segment of the hermit crab's shell as a smaller version of the second segment. Use the initial lines as guides.

Draw Hermit Crab 11

Step 11: Draw the fourth segment as an even smaller version of the previous shape and the bottom segment as a rounded tip.

Draw Hermit Crab 12

Step 12: Draw the hermit crab's leg in the middle by using the initial line as a guide. Use the first leg as a template as you draw the middle leg. Follow the basic path of the guide line. Hermit crabs have other appendages, but they're inside the shell, so don't worry about drawing those.

Draw Hermit Crab 13

Step 13: Use the line with the circle on the end as a guide to draw the hermit crab's claw. The first two segments should be similar to the other legs. Follow the path of the initial lines as you draw them. Draw the open claw by using the circle as a guide. Draw the left side of the claw first and then the right side.

Draw Hermit Crab 14

Step 14: Draw the two antennae coming out of the hermit crab's head. Draw a couple of segments at the base, then two long curved lines that come to a point. You can draw your antennae with a different shape or length if you'd like.
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