Draw Hermit Crab 6

Step 6: Draw another line that starts under the hermit crab's head and ends in a circle. This is a guide for the crab's front leg and claw.

Draw Hermit Crab Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.

Draw Hermit Crab 7

Step 7: Draw the top part of the hermit crab's shell by using the initial circle and the lines inside as guides. Draw a curved line on the top right of the cirlce for the shell's opening. Add another curved line near the middle of the circle on the left side. Use the initial lines as guides. Use the top part of the circle as a guide to draw the top of the shell.

Draw Hermit Crab 8

Step 8: Use the curved line on the left as a guide to draw one of the hermit crab's legs. Lightly sketch the shape of the top segment of the leg as you follow the basic path of the line. Darken the segment when you get the structure right and move on to the segment below it. The second segment is shaped similarly to the first. Sketch lightly at first as you continue to follow the path of the guide line. The last segment comes to a point at the bottom. The hermit crab's leg should curve to follow the path of the guide line.

Draw Hermit Crab 9

Step 9: Draw the second segment of the shell. Hermit crabs use different shells as their homes, so you can draw yours differently if you'd like. This segment is made up of a couple of curved lines. Use the bottom part of the main circle and the other lines as guides.
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