Draw Tarantula 5

Step 5: Use the M-shaped lines in the middle as guides to draw the first pair of legs. Lightly sketch each segment of the first leg as you follow the basic path of the line. When you get all the segments on the leg right, darken the lines. Tarantulas are covered in hair or bristles, so as you darken the lines, use quick, short strokes to represent this hair. Draw the leg on the left the same way. First sketch the individual segments lightly as you follow the guide line. When you get the structure of the tarantula's leg right, darken the lines. Use quick, short strokes as you darken each segment to represent the hair on the legs.

Draw Tarantula 6

Step 6: Draw the tarantula's second pair of legs using the same technique. Follow the path of the guide as you lightly sketch the segments. Darken the lines using quick, short strokes only when you have the structure right. The pair of legs on the right will be raised, so draw the individual segments with a vertical orientation. Don't overthink adding the hair on the legs. Just add it all over as you follow the guides. The hairs on tarantulas can become embedded in your skin and cause irritation and discomfort.

Draw Tarantula 7

Step 7: Use the initial shapes as guides to draw the front part of the body or cephalothorax. Follow the basic path of the guide and make the shape thinner. Be sure to not draw over the legs. Add four dots at the tip of the head for the tarantula's eyes. The other four eyes are on the other side. Draw a couple of curved lines at the front for the tarantula's mouth parts or chelicerae. Below each shape, draw a spike for the tarantula's fangs. The pedipalps or mandibles have been omitted for the sake of simplicity and for the view of the fangs.

Draw Tarantula 8

Step 8: Use the shapes on the left as guides to draw the tarantula's abdomen using quick, short strokes. Draw the two spikes at the tip of the abdomen for the silk-producing spinnerets. Some spiders will defensively throw the bristles on the abdomen with their legs.

Draw Tarantula 9

Step 9: Draw the pair of legs on the other side by using the first as guides. Lightly sketch the raised leg on the other side by using the one in front as a template, then darken the lines. Now draw the visible portion of the tarantula's hind leg on the other side.
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