Draw a Seahorse 10

Step 10: Use the shape on the right as a guide to draw the seahorse's mouth. Follow the basic path of the shape but make the mouth curvier as you darken the lines.

Draw a Seahorse 11

Step 11: Use the circle and arc as guides to draw the rest of the seahorse's head. Follow the path of the guides, but make the edges lumpier and draw the top of the head higher. Different types of seahorses have different-shaped heads, so you can draw yours however you'd like. Also draw the bottom portion of the head and make it less lumpy.

Draw a Seahorse 12

Step 12: Add a few extra lines within the seahorse's head as extra detail and added texture. Draw a few curved lines on the left side of the head for the gills and pectoral fin.

Draw a Seahorse 13

Step 13: Use the initial lines as guides to draw the seahorse's neck. Follow the guides and make the neck bumpier as you darken the lines.

Draw a Seahorse 14

Step 14: Use the shapes near the middle as guides to draw the seahorse's body. Darken the initial shape to create the dorsal fin and add a few lines inside for extra detail. Darken the right side of the circle and make it bumpier to finish drawing the body.
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