Draw a Velociraptor 10

Step 10: Use the initial arcs as a guide to draw the velociraptor's open mouth. Follow the basic path of the guide and make the line bumpier as you darken it. Notice how far the mouth goes into the head. Use the lines as guides to help you determine the length. Draw the lower jaw by following the path of the initial arc. The right side of the dinosaur's lower jaw should be thick and powerful.

Draw a Velociraptor 11

Step 11: Draw the details to complete the dinosaur's mouth. Draw small triangle-like shapes that line the top and bottom of the mouth for the velociraptor's sharp teeth. Add a line inside the mouth for the tongue. Draw a small slit on the top part of the velociraptor's mouth for the nostril.

Draw a Velociraptor 12

Step 12: Use the original circle as a guide to draw the rest of the head.

Draw a Velociraptor 13

Step 13: Use the line on the left side as a guide to draw the dinosaur's arm. Lightly sketch the shape of the arm as you follow the basic path of the guide line. Use a series of curved lines to indicate the arm's muscles. When you get the structure of the velociraptor's arm right, darken the lines on your drawing. Draw the individual digits at the end of the arm by using the short lines as guides. Make the digits thin and add a point at the end of each one for the sharp claws.



Draw a Velociraptor 14

Step 14: Draw the velociraptor's arm on the other side by using the first one as a template. Most of this arm is hidden behind the first arm, so only draw the visible portion peeking through.

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