Draw Hammerhead Shark 10

Step 10: Inside the hammerhead shark's mouth, draw many triangle-like shapes for the teeth. Follow the path of the mouth guide as you line the mouth with teeth. Draw more teeth in the spaces between the teeth to indicate the rows of teeth farther back in the mouth. Draw a small slit near the eye for the shark's nostril.

Draw Hammerhead Shark 11

Step 11: Use the initial triangle-like shapes as guides to draw the hammerhead shark's dorsal and pectoral fins. Make the sides of the dorsal fin curve more for a more organic and less rigid feel. Darken the lines for the pectoral fins and make the ends rounder instead of pointy.

Draw Hammerhead Shark 12

Step 12: Draw four more triangle-like shapes on the back part of the body for the rest of the hammerhead shark's fins. These fins should be smaller. Draw one on top for the second dorsal fin, two on the bottom for the pelvic fins and another for the anal fin.

Draw Hammerhead Shark 13

Step 13: Use the long curved lines as guides to draw the hammerhead shark's body. Follow the path of the guides as you darken the lines that make up the body. Don't overlap all of the fins as you draw the lines for the body. Only overlap the fins behind the body. Draw a few curved lines above the pectoral fins for the shark's gills.

Draw Hammerhead Shark 14

Step 14: Use the shape on the right as a guide to draw the hammerhead's caudal fin. Follow the basic path of the guide but make the fin thinner, especially in the middle section nearest to the sharks' body.
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