Draw Puppy Dog 6

Step 6: Draw four lines under the body (two under each circle) as guides for the feet. Bend the lines at the tips to indicate the feet and near the middle for the joints.

Draw Puppy Dog Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.

Draw Puppy Dog 7

Step 7: Lightly sketch the eyes inside the puppy's head using the lines as guides for placement. The shape for the eyes should be similar to little footballs. Add a few more strokes around the outside of the eyes for extra detail. Inside each eye, draw a tiny circle to represent glare and a dot for the pupils. Shade the rest of the puppy's eye using a value that's lighter than the pupil. Don't push down as hard with your pencil to get a lighter value. Add a few quick, short strokes above the eyes for the puppy's furry brow.

Draw Puppy Dog 8

Step 8: Draw the puppy's nose inside the muzzle by first lightly sketching a small oval. Add a small circle on each side and shade it in for the nostrils. Darken the rest of the nose and add a small line at the bottom. Draw a few quick, short strokes above the dog's nose for the fur.



Draw Puppy Dog 9

Step 9: Draw the mouth below the nose as a line that splits into two. Use the small circle as a guide for drawing the length of the mouth and the sides of the muzzle. Use quick, short strokes as you follow the path of the circle to get a fuzzy texture. Use the bottom of the circle as a guide to create the chin and jaw.

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