Draw Squid 10

Step 10: Use the first to lines that you drew as guides to draw the first two arms. Simply follow the path of the guide as you darken the lines and draw the squid's arm thicker. You can draw a few small ovals along the bottom of the arm for the squid's suckers. Draw the squid's arms thicker at the base and make them come to a point at the end. These two arms will be on top of the others, so it's okay to overlap the other guide lines.

Draw Squid 11

Step 11: Draw the other two arms using the remaining two shorter lines as guides. Remember to follow the basic path of the guide as you darken the squid's arms. The suckers line the inside part of the entire arm, so feel free to add as many as you want. When drawing this pair of arms, be sure to not overlap the lines. The lines should go under the first pair of arms.

Draw Squid 12

Step 12: Now use the long lines as guides to draw the squid's two tentacles. Stay close to the guide as you darken the line to draw the squid's tentacles. Otherwise you'll end up with fat tentacles. At the tip of the tentacle, add a wide, diamond-like shape for the pad they use to grab food to eat. Draw the other tentacle using the same technique. The numerous lines can be a little confusing, so take your time as you draw each arm and tentacle.

Draw Squid 13

Step 13: Draw two more arms in between the squid's other arms. There are no guides for these arms, so just add them anywhere there's any space left.

Draw Squid 14

Step 14: Draw the last two arms to complete all eight arms. There isn't much space left for the squid's arms, so just squeeze in the last two as best you can. Try not to overlap the final lines with the other arms and tentacles.
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