Draw Chipmanzee 10

Step 10: Draw the chimpanzee's nose under the eyes on the lower part of the initial circle. First draw two small slits for the nostrils. Then draw a few lines above them for the outer nose structure.

Draw Chipmanzee 11

Step 11: Draw the chimpanzee's mouth on the lower part of the head under the nose. Draw a line near the middle of the U-shaped arc for the mouth. Then connect the right side of the mouth with the right side of the nose. Draw a few more small lines under the mouth for the right side of the chin.

Draw Chipmanzee 12

Step 12: Draw the detail on the chimpanzee's chin using the bottom of the U-shaped arc as a guide. Use quick, short strokes as you follow the path of the guide to give the chin a fuzzy texture.

Draw Chipmanzee 13

Step 13: Use the C-shaped arc as a guide to draw the chipmanzee's ear. Add a few lines inside the shape for the inner ear structure. Draw a small arc on the right side of the head for the ear on the other side.

Draw Chipmanzee 14

Step 14: Draw a few more lines inside the chimpanzee's head for extra detail. Draw small lines around the eye for wrinkles. Draw a longer line above the eyes for the thick brow. Add a line on the right to finish the chimp's face.
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