Draw Goldfish 11

Step 11: Use the rest of the arc as a guide to draw the goldfish's head. Simply follow the path of the arc as you darken the lines.

Draw Goldfish 12

Step 12: Draw a series of curved lines to the left of the eye for the goldfish's gill covers. The curved lines bend up at the bottom. They can also overlap. The goldfish's gill covers stretch back toward the head. Use the initial circle as a guide for placement.

Draw Goldfish 13

Step 13: Use the shape inside the circle as a guide to draw the goldfish's pectoral fin. Darken the outline of the shape and make the line on the left wavier. Draw a few lines inside the fin for extra detail.

Draw Goldfish 14

Step 14: Use the shape on top of the goldfish's body to draw the dorsal fin. Lightly draw a wavier line as you follow the path of the guide. When you get the structure right, darken the lines. Draw some lines inside the shape for the detail on the goldfish's fin.

Draw Goldfish 15

Step 15: Use the triangle-like shape at the bottom to draw the goldfish's pelvic fin. Follow the path of the guide and make the left side wavier. Add a few lines to the shape.
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