Draw Komodo Dragon 6

Step 6: Draw three short, angled lines under the body as guides for the komodo dragon's feet.

Draw Komodo Dragon Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.

Draw Komodo Dragon 7

Step 7: Draw a small football-like shape for the komodo dragon's eye on the top part of the arc next to the edge of the circle. Draw a dark dot in the middle of the eye for the pupil. Draw a few lines surrounding the eye for extra detail. Draw a few curved lines above and below the eye for the folds of skin and smaller lines for the scales. Above the eyes, draw two longer bumps for the outer structure of the eyes.

Draw Komodo Dragon 8

Step 8: Draw the komodo dragon's muzzle using the arc as a guide. Darken the top part of the muzzle, then draw a long wavy line that extends toward the small circle for the mouth. Draw the lower jaw by following the basic path of the bottom part of the arc. Leave a small opening in front.

Draw Komodo Dragon 9

Step 9: Draw the nostril and the tongue in front of the muzzle. The tongue consists of two curved lines that end in two points to create the komodo dragon's forked tongue.

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